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I Who we are

I Who we are




We regularly provide training/support to make adults (and also kids) aware of financial life aspects through personal meetings and conferences. As well as the financial, we also provide a legal and psychological focus.
We offer free advice to explain to households how to choose a proper financing solution, to manage their budget optimally on a daily basis, and to warn of the risks linked with the abuse of loans. 


We give personal coaching in having an understanding of your case of over indebtment.
We work closely with you to create an action plan which includes negotiating with lenders and setting up a strategy of restructuring and refinancing. 
We explain the rights of all parties, provide legal and financial expertise to analyze credit agreements of all lenders, identify abuses and prepare templates to be used by debtors. 
We provide psychological support for households suffering from the situation.

We measure the actions of our mission through a decrease of non-performing loan ratio and increased monthly rest for living



Elena Bakalova

Board member of Temida with more than 40 years experience in Banking and a Master in Economics & Law.

"Nowadays it has become more and more important for people to successfully manage their personal finances and family budget. This has a huge and positive impact on their self-confidence, personal and social contacts, behavior and quality of life. A great motive to help by giving people relevant knowledge and practical advice to achieve targeted results and keep them on-going in their life."


Willy Pierre Abbal

Board member and Social Business Developer of Temida with 5 years as a consultant and 20 years in Banking as a Marketing Manager, Operation and Innovation Manager. Worked in different countries including Germany, France, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria.

" We want to prevent people from seeing their lives crushed because of financial problems and give them sufficient knowledge to manage a budget and use credit wisely for their benefits and to decrease the number of non-performing loans. This would create a win-win situation between financial institutions and individuals."


Yana Popova

Board member, economist and project manager in Banking with proven experience in Bulgaria and abroad. Head of NGO in educational sector.

" Many people avoid to speak about money only beacause they don't want to step in a subject they don't know well. But when it comes to make a financial decision in life, ignorance can only make it worst. Our mission as an organization is to equip households with the necessary knowledge, tools and curiosity, that will help them go over the financial challenges in their lives."


Our team composition

  • Coaches with various backgrounds and a wide range of disciplines: banking and insurance former employees, retired executives, teachers and retired entrepreneurs.
  • Experts with deep know-how in legal, financing and psychological areas.
  • In partnership with Cresus France, we have developed a methodology adapted to Bulgaria with a prototype gathering more than 10 clients. We are now training all our coaches in this methodology.
  • We welcome, listen, inform, support and help you to seek the solutions best suited to your needs with combined aspects of financial, social/mental and legal difficulties.

Our partners





  • We welcome, listen, inform, support and help you to seek the solutions best suited to your needs with combined aspects of financial, social/mental and legal difficulties.
  • We listen to your concerns, understand your overall situation and goals, and provide you with free, unbiased guidance and information.
  • We aim to provide pro-bono services that are accessible and inclusive of our clients’ respective needs.
  • We are committed to:
    • Providing timely and easy access to services and programs, using a variety of methods.
    • Making every effort to accommodate the needs of those we serve.
  • Treating everyone with courtesy and respect by listening and responding in a polite and friendly manner.
  • Providing clear, concise and accurate information and by resolving as much as possible during the first appointment
  •  Replying to correspondence in a timely manner.
  • Being fair, equitable, consistent, and non-judgmental with everyone we help.
  • Employing caring, knowledgeable, and highly trained staff.
  • Maintaining the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Continuously improving and innovating our programs and services by:
    • Inviting feedback from clients and stakeholders
    • Achieving and maintaining membership and accreditation with recognized accrediting bodies and with professional associations, and the ongoing development and training of our employees.
  • If you feel that we have not lived up to our Commitment to Clients or have some room for improvement, please let us know.


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